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We Offer Service Calls on Basic Lawn & Garden Repairs as well as Ag Equipment Repairs. Mower Stop Working? We can stop out and Take a look at it & see if we can get your equipment up & running on-site or Offer Pickup & Delivery Service if we have to bring in the Equipment for Repair. We also Offer Service Calls on Ag Equipment so if your broke down in the field we can stop out to get your equipment back up & running. Contact us for more information at 507-674-3856

Kevin's Repair

Kevin's Repair Repair's Most Major Small Engine Brands, Small Engines, & Ag Equipment

View the Brands Below That We Sell, Service, & Offer Warranty Work For. We also offer Parts for Most Major Brands. Click Here to Contact Us for More Information

Small Engine Sales & Service

Snapper We Sell, & Service Snapper Equipment as Well as Warranty Work on Any Snapper Equipment. Warranty Covers, Parts, Labor, & Pickup & Delivery
Simplicity We Sell & Service Simplicity Equipment as Well as Warranty work on Any Simplicity Equipment. Warranty Covers, Parts, Labor & Pickup & Delivery
Snapper Pro We Sell & Service Snapper Pro Equipment as Well as Warranty Work on Any Snapper Pro Equipment. Warranty Covers, Parts, Labor, & Pickup & Delivery
Briggs & Stratton We Sell Replacement Engines & Service Briggs & Stratton Engine as Well as Warranty Work on Any Briggs & Stratton Engine
Briggs & Stratton Power Products We Sell & Service Briggs & Stratton Power Products such as Generators, & Pressure Washers as Well as Warranty Work on Any Briggs & Stratton Power Products
Grasshopper We Sell & Service Grasshopper Equipment as Well as warranty Work on Any Grasshopper Equipment. Warranty Cover Parts & Labor
Tanaka We Sell & Service Tanaka Power Equipment as Well as Warranty work on any Tanaka Power Equipment. Industry's Leading 7 Year Warranty
Kholer We Sell Replacement Engines & Service Kohler Engines as Well as Warranty work on any Kohler Engines. Warranty Covers Parts & Labor
Honda Power Equipment We Sell & Service Honda Power Equipment as well as Warranty work on Honda Power Equipment
Agri-Fab We Sell & Service Agri-Fab Equipment as Well as Warranty work on Any Agri-Fab Equipment
We Sell & Service Worx Power Equipment as well as Warranty work on any Worx Equipment
Columbia We Sell & Service Columbia Equipment as well as Do Warranty on Columbia Equipment & warranty on Other MTD Equipment. Columbia has a 3 Year Warranty
Hydro-Gear We Sell & Service Hydro Gear Transmission as well as do Warranty Work on Hydro Gear Transmission
Oregon We Sell & Service Oregon Power Equipment as well as do warranty on all Oregon Power Equipment, Also Sell Oregon Aftermarket Parts
Stens Aftermarket Parts We Sell Stens Aftermarket Parts
Banjo We Sell Replacement Water Pumps & Service Banjo Water Pumps as Well as do Warranty Work on any Banjo Water Pumps
We Service & do Warranty work on ANY MTD Products (Can be a MTD product sold at any box story we do warranty work)

We Service & are Authorized to Perform Warranty Tecumseh Power, TecumsehPower by Lauson & LCT Warranty Repair

Small Engine Service & Repairs

Pick-up & Delivery
We Offer Pickup & Delivery Services. We have a Winch so even if you have a dead mower that wont start or stopped we can get in winched on our Trailer to get it to our Shop & get repaired to get back in working condition. We also have a Enclosed Trailer that we use to make sure your New mower being delivery to you looks like it did in the Show room Floor
Pickup & Delivery Rate $1.50 a Mile with a 10 Mile Minimum (Prices Subject to Change)
Service on Any Brand We Also Offer Service on any Brand of Lawn & Garden Equipment as well as Power Equipment, Chainsaws, Trimmers, Blowers, Generators, Pressure Washers, & other small engine Equipment
We Service Most Major Small Engine Brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Tecumseh, Honda, LCT, Kawasaki, Wisconsin Robin, Onan, & any other Small Engine Brands, We Offer Replacement Engines for Briggs & Stratton & Kohler
WE Offer Trade-In, Or Used Rebuilt Mowers are Sale, as well as Parts Mowers
Used Equipment

We Offer Used Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, MTD, Snapper & Other Brand Parts as Well as Rebuilt Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, & Other Rebuilt Engines
Blade Sharpening We Offer Blade Sharpening at $6 a Blade, We Also Offer Replacement Blades & Gator Mulching Blades for Most Major Brands (Prices Subject to Change)
Oil Change Packages Shop Oil Change Packages
*Basic Push (Oil for Push Mower Oil Change) $4
*Snow (B&S 5w-30 oil for Walkbehind Oil Change) $6
*Basic (Basic Rider Just Oil Package) $10
*Standard (Bulk Oil & Basic Oil Filter) $14
*Snow Standard (5w-30 Oil & Basic Oil Filter) $16
* Premium Oil Change Package (OEM Oil & OEM Oil Filter) $20
* Oil Guard System Oil & Oil Filter Package $40
Mo-Deck Treatment Mo-Deck Treatment
Spray Mo-Deck Spray on the Bottom of the Deck to keep Grass from sticking
Treatment $8
Pump Saver
Pump Saver
Anti-Freeze to put in Pressure Washer
Treatment $6

(Mo-Deck Treatment, Pump Saver Treatment & Oil Change Packages Does Not Include Labor)

Agricultural Services

Outback Guidance We Sell & Service Outback Guidance. Outback Guidance is an Aftermarket GPS System that fits Most Major Ag Brands for GPS & Auto Steer Applications
Ag Leader
We Sell & Service Ag Leader Technology GPS Systems. Ag Leader is an Aftermarket GPS System that Fits Most Major Ag Brand for GPS & Auto Steer Applications
Ag Equipment Repair
We Repair Most Major Agricultural Equipment, & Also offer Atfermarket Ag Parts to fix most Major Ag Brands
We Repair Equipment as Our Shop or on the Farm with our Service Truck to get you fixed in the Field to get your running asap you get your crops in & out
Hydraulic Hose Repair

We Repair & Make new Hydraulic Hoses with our Hose Machine. Blow a Hose? Bring it in & we will repair or Make you a new one

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