Farm Oyl Farm-Oyl premium lubricants, hydraulic parts and accessories stand the test of time. Using our advanced lubricant technology, our high quality oils are formulated to meet or exceed the performance requirements of today’s heavy-duty equipment. We also provide a wide selection of hydraulic parts and accessories to fit your needs.
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Farm Oyl Premium Gease: Slippery Goo Farm Oyl Premium Grease
  • Poly Supreme - NLGl #2 poly urea based grease that provides superior water washout resistance, excellent shear stability and low temp performance
  • Moly Plus - NLGl #2 lithium complex grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide, allows high dropping point with excellent EP properties
  • Slippery Goo - NLGl #2 multi-purpose lithium based, exteme pressure grease
  • Golden Glo - NLGl #2 economical lithium based grease
  • HD White Wheelbearing Grease - NLGl #2 white lithium grease with a heavy fibrous texture and high temp protection to extend bearing life (Available in 1 lb. tubes or 35 lb. pail)
Farm Oyl Fluid Gear Grease Fluid Gear Grease - NLGl #00 grade lithium based grease provides superior qualities compared to gear oils while resisting leakage in gear housings
Farm Oyl Hydraulic Oils & Specialty Lubricants
  • AW Hydraulic Oil - Premium anti-wear hyrdraulic oil that is rust inhibited and contains anti-foam additives
  • Vacuum Pump Oil - Rust inhibited oil designed for service in vacuum pump and hydraulic circulatin lubrication systems
Farm Oyl Bar & Chain Oil Bar & Chain Oil - Mutli-grade oil designed for year round use, formulated to resist buildup and improve chian life
Farm Oyl Fuel Treatments
Total Treatment - Diesel Fuel additive that provides increased lubricity, raises cetane, cleans injectors, provides anti-gel performance and is bio-diesel compatible
Farm Oyl Engine Coolants Farm Oyl Engine Coolants
  • Ultra Diesel ELC Pre-Mix 50/50 - Hybrid technology coolant formulated for both gas and heavy-duty diesel engine apps, extended service life up to 6 years, 12,000 hours and/or 600,000 miles
  • Heavy Duty Coolant - Fully formulated coolant that does not require and additional SCA charge on inital fill
Farm Oyl Gear Oils: Gear-Master Farm Oyl Gear Oils
  • Gear-Master - Multi-grade GL-5/MT-1 gear oil formulated with high quality base oils and non-corrosive EP additives
  • Gear-Master Gold - Syntheic blend multi-grade GL-5/MT-1 gear oil formulated for optimum performance in cold weather apps
Farm Oyl Engine Oil: Premiere 10W-30 Farm Oyl Engine Oils
  • Premiere 2000 - Advanced multi-grade synthetic blend formulation for heavy-duty diesel app
  • Premiere - multi-grade heavy-duty diesel engine oil with performance proven for longer engine life
  • Fuel Saver Plus - Quality multi-grade heavy-duty diesel oil
  • Caretaker - Economy multi-grade heavy-duty diesel engine oil
  • Gp-3 all Purpose - Top quality diesel engine oil formulated for apps where straight grades are recommended
  • Turbo lube - Synthetic blend PCMO engine oil formulated for today's higher performing gas engine
  • Low Ash - straight grade engine oil designed for apps where low-ash formulation is critical
  • Non-Detergent - Straight grade engine oil designed for use in older tractors
  • Two-Cycle - High performance two-cycle oil designed for apps where a TC-W3 formulation is required
  • Syn-Blend Two Cycle - Synthetic Blend, low-ash formulation for high performance, direct injection two-cycle engines
Products also avaviable in Barrels
Farm Oyl Hydro & Transmission Fluids: Ag-Master Universal Farm Oyl Hydro & Transmission Fluids
  • Ag-Master 2000 - Syntheic blend, advanced low temp performance hydraulic tractor fluid formulated for apps utilizing a single fluid to lubricate the final drive, transmission, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems
  • Ag-Master - Superior formulation recommenced for all farm equipment utilizing a single fluid
  • CD-50 - Synthetic (SAE 50) non-EP lubricant for use in manual transmissons for both on and off highway heavy-duty truck apps
  • T0-4 Fluid - Straight grade hydraulic fluid designed to meet the caterpillar specification
  • Multi-Purpose ATF Fluid - Automatic transmission fluid designed for use in apps requiring a Dexrom III-H/Mercon specification
Products also available in barrels
Farm Oyl Hard Parts & Specialty Products: Floor Dry Farm Oyl Hard Parts & Specialty Products
* All Purpose Foaming Citrus Cleaner ~ This Product is formulated with a natural orange citrus solvent that cleans and deodorizes most surfaces. Simply spray this foaming product on and wipe clean. It contains no chlorinated solvents, petroleum distillates of glycol ethers

*Brake Parts Cleaner ~ A Non-chlorinated general purpose cleaner/degreaser that removes oil, grease, adhesives, brake fluid and other contaminants from metal parts and other surfaces. With a powerful blasting spray and extension tube for hard-to-reach surfaces

*Degreaser ~ For Commerical & industrial use. This heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser works on all types of applications, Its high volume spray loosens dirt, grease and soil. Just spray and wipe clean

* Mineral Spirits 66 ~ Mineral Spirits is a water white, odorless, high flash point mineral spirits that is ideal for parts cleaning. This product has a flash point of 100 degree and very low aromatic content (less than 1%). Being a low aromatic product means it is less irritating to skin tissue

  • Floor Dry - All-purpose absorbent that absorbs twice as much liquid as clay based, products

  • Rust Buster - Aerosol that displaces moisture, prevents corrosion and penetrates to loosen nuts and bolts
  • Roller Chain
  • Roller Chain Lubricants
  • Crimp Fittings
  • Couplings
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