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Classic Accessories protects your investment and keeps you organized in all your outdoor activities. Whether you are an avid hunter or fly fisher, love boating or RVing, or just want to protect your home tools and equipment, Classic Accessories is continually growing and creating products to fit your needs.

Classic Accessories commitment to research, design, development, and quality have established us as an industry leader in outdoor covers and gear. We are proud to represent brands such as John Deere, StearnsĀ®, and Cub Cadet through our licensee partnerships.

C A products Classic Accessories helps protect your car with their great car covers and accessories. Classic Accessories is the first to market universal fit covers for some of the latest hybrids, SUVs, Pickups, and crossovers. Our three lines of covers enable you to provide precisely what you want.
C A products Classic Accessories provides pontoon boats and float tubes that look great and offer features that others charge more for. Our boats have the features that anglers expect on boats costing twice as much. The colors that Classic Accessories offer are authentic and look good on the water. The quality and authentic features of these boats come through as clear as the sound of a screaming drag.
C A products Classic Accessories protects your investment on the water. Classic Accessories delivers covers that custom fits every customer's specific needs as well as their boats. Our StormPro covers provide extra protection for boats that do a lot of their cruising on the freeways. Our waterproof covers take advantage of DdryGuard fabric with waterproof lamination and taped seams.
C A products Golfers spend a fortune searching for the latest technologies and training aids to gain a few yards on a drive. Classic Accessories helps them make that drive more comfortable. Classic Accessories golf cart covers and enclosures take advantage of tough water-repellent materials to keep every day dry. The sun is as unforgiving as a six-foot putt. Classic Accessories offers enclosures for two, four, and six-person carts to keep you in the shade. Our covers protect against winds. Classic Accessories has a range of seat covers to make golfers comfortable in all conditions.
C A products Classic Accessories Offers Great Snow Cab to attachment most Brands. Attachs simply the the handle bars to keep the operator out of the harsh winter wind and weather. Cabs are extra roomy and tall to fit most operators.
C A products When the Winter is over its time to store your snowblower. Protect it with a Cover to keep it out of the weather or environment to keep it looking and working in great condition for the upcoming seasons ahead.
C A products C A products C A products Classic Accessories provides covers for your lawn tractors, Zero Turns, push mowers, pressure washers, generators, log splitters, and even for you evaporation coolers, so when they aren't in use, they are protected to make them last and look newer for a longer period of time.
C A products C A products C A products Classic Accessories is known for providing covers for the widest range of outdoor furniture, grills, heaters, fire pits, wood racks, and smokers. Our collections offer a pallete of colors that flatter landscaping and the great outdoors. Our range of fabrics allow you to beautifully match style and performance. From smaller, more efficient packaging to click-close straps and strategic air vents, Classic Accessories delivers the details.
C A products C A products C A products
C A products C A products C A products
C A products Classic Accessories offers covers for all your toys such as ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, motorcylces, scooters, or PWCs; we have you covered. A little rain wont hurt your ATV or UTV with our top-of-the- line DryGuard waterproof covers. Classic has expanded into four seat machines, RZR-S and more models than ever. You're covered on water or snow with two lines of PWC covers and a new snowmobile cover touring size. Along with our motocylce and scooter covers, we've added covers for trike and Spyder owners.
C A products Classic Accessories offers a product line just for pets. Our Pet Seat Cover offer comfort for your pet and protection for your seat. Classic Accessories traveling food bowls are great for the traveling dog. Classic offers door protectors as well for full protection whilst keeping your pet in comfort for the long ride ahead. Our line of camo gear has a loyal following of dog owners just hunting for the best gear.
C A products Classic Accessories has you covered on the road. There are millions of miles of highway out there and classic designed their covers to work for all the weather found along the way. In the windiest conditions it has to stay on, so we originated front and rear tension panels and stronger tension panel strap attachments. Whether it's rain or flakes or something in between, our covers keep it outside and protect what's inside. It's a cruel world out there. Our covers go beyond the weather to take on all the dirt, leaves, and everything else. The sun is relentless but so are our designers. Our range of covers meet different budgets and exposure situations.
C A products C A products C A products
C A products
Classic Accessories has covers for just about anything you need. Some other covers they offer include: Log Rack Cover, Motorcylce/Snowmobile/ATV Helment Bag, Motorcycle/ATV Saddle Bags,
C A products C A products C A products Holiday Seasonal Storage Bags, Inflatable Water Rafts, Boat Seat Cover, RV Seat Cover, UTV Roll cage top, UTV Windshield, AC Covers Home/RV, Spare Tire Cover, Vehicle Gun Case, Auto Windshield Cover, Hitch Tote, & Many more products offered from Classic Accessories

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