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A&I Products is a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of replacement parts for the agricultural, landscaping, and industrial markets. A&I Products' twenty-five years of expertise has greatly contributed to its reputation as a top supplier of high quality, reasonably priced parts.

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A&I is proud to provide over 85,000 parts for the agricultural aftermarket. A number of those parts are for tractor applications

mufflerAluminized construction along with seam-weided shell bodies give A&I mufflers longer life. Back pressure levels along with inlet and outlet sizes all meet OEM specifications. A&I carries mufflers for most agricultural equipment.

PixPix Belts are offered thru A&I products. Pix belts offers belts for agricultural use or also lawn & garden speicalty belts. A&I's inventory includes more than 7,000 belt number for over 75,000 Ag, Lawn & Garden, Insdustrial and Automotive Applications.

Dakota ShineA&I Offers Lubricants Such As: CA-40 - A fuel additive that increases fuel efficiency and lubricity while decreasing harmful emissions.CA-40 reduces fuel consumption 10-15%. CA-40 has been tested in fuels including: Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, and Ethanol Based Fuels. Regardless of the fuel type, the test results indicated increased fuel efficiency, increased lubricity, and a decrease in harmful emissions.Dakota Shine - Dakota Shine is a simple new spray on solution that interacts with color pigments and restores them to the surface, creating a shiny, refreshed appearance.Fluid Flim - wool-base formula used to give long-tem protection, lubrication and stops existing corrosion. Penetrates to free-up heavily seized parts. Always active does not dry out. Will not harm paint, Plastic and synthetic rubber.

Combine PartsAfter acquiring Loewen Manufacturing in 2007. A&I Products has become world's largest manufacturer of Premium Quality Combine Parts and offers the most complete selecton of aftermarket tractor & combine parts in the world

lightsA&I products has over 70 different types of lights to offer including work lamps, round & redtangular headlamps. Warning lamps, sealed beams, and composite bulbs. You will find Flood, trapezoid, and spotlight options for any application - 6v or 12v.

Engine PartsA&I works with quality suppliers to ensure that all partsd included in an A&I kit perform anf fit as they were meant to. A&I offers a variety of other engine parts.

Cooling partsA&I offers a whole line of cooling replacement parts such as: * Belts * Engine Related Parts * Fan Blades * Radiator Hoses * Radiators * Water pumps * Water pump pulleys & Gaskets

driveline partsA&I Offers Driveline Parts Such As : * Clutch * Clutch Components * Clutch Friction Discs * Cross Kits * CV Driveline Assembly * Driveline Assembly * Driveline Components * Gear Box * Gear Box Components * Machine Half CV Driveline * Overruning coupler * Shafting & Tubing * Shielding * Tools * Tractor Half CV Driveline * Yokes

AC partsA&I Offers Air Conditioning Parts Such As : * Accumulator * Auxilary Heater * Blower Wheels * Blower / Condenser Motors * Clutch * Clutch Bearing * Compressor * Compressor Clutches * Compressor/Clutch Parts * Condeser * Conversion Kit * Evaporator * Expansion Valve * Heater Core * Limiter Fuse * Lines/Hoses * O-rings/Fittings/Misc * Orifice Tube * Receiver Drier * Retrofit Products * Service Items & Tools * Switch/Electrical * Termostatic Disc * Valve

seatsA&I Offers Seat & Seat Cushions Such As : * Adaptor/Slider * Arm Rest Covers * Arm Rest Cushions * Back Cushion * Back Cushion Cover * Complete Seat * Grammer Seat * Misc Seat Parts * Seat Cushion * Seat Cushion Cover

turbo chargerA&I Offers Other Products Such As: * Cab Glass * Clutches & Pressure Plates * Hay Tool & Ag Supply Parts * Consumer Power Products * Assorted Bearings * Hitch & Pto Parts * Turbo Chargers * Electrical System Parts

sunbeltA&I Offers Sunbelt Lawn & Garden Aftermarket Parts such as: *Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Tecumseh, Kawasaki, Honda Aftermarket Parts, Chainsaw Parts, Trimmer Parts, Accessories, Tie down Ratchet Straps, Shop Tools & Accessories, & Much More Products

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Lighting and Cab Cams

When you need extra visibility around the farm or out on the road, a versatile camera observation system can give you the edge you nedd. A & I products CabCam can be the extra "eyes" required to fill that need at an affordable price. With its 3-camera capability, CabCam has unlimited application possibiltes. Eliminate blind Spots and improve day and night visibility on semi-trailers, garbage trucks, dump trucks, harvesters, pickups with trailers, industrial and construction equipment, mobile homes, and campers. CabCam can be used to monitor cattle and hog lots or conveyer systems.

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Cab Cam Wired Monitors
Cab Cam CC7M1CCab Cam CC7M1C
Includes: (1) 1/3 CCD weatherproof color camera
Infrared Illuminators allow up to 32 feet of night visibility, image mirroring function, made to withstand off-road conditions
7" LCD Color Monitor, hook-up to three cameras, color LCD screen, remote receiving window, Power button, Menu button, brightness buttons, channel selection, DVD input, loudspeaker, manual mirroring switch for all cameras
Accessories: Mounting equipment, 13 pin wire harness, Full-featured remote control, backshield, cigarette-lighter power adapter, sunshield, 65' & 20' weatherproof video cables

Cab Cam CC7M2CQCab Cam CC7M2CQ
Includes: 2) Waterproof Cameras: CCD Color with Audio, 18 Infrared Illuminators Allow up to 16 feet of Visib ility in the Dark, Image Mirroring Function, Made to Withstand Off-Road Conditions
7" TFT LCD Color Quad Monitor: Quad Monitor Is Able To Show 1, 2, 3 Or 4 Camera Views At One Time. Picture In Picture Capability. Embedded Control Box For Direct Power Input For Cameras, AV1, AV2, A V3 & AV4 Video Inputs Allow Hook-up To Four Cameras.
Accessories: AV Conversion Cable, Ball Swivel Mounting Bracket W/ Mounting Pad, Stationary Mounting Bracket W/ Thumb Screws, 22 Pin Harness, Full Featured Remote Control, Cigarette Lighter Power Adapt er, Sunshield, (2) 20' Weatherproof Video Cables

Cab Cam VS7M13PINCab Cam VS7M13PIN
The A-VS7M13PIN monitor is a 7" back lit LCD screen capable of displaying 3 cameras utilizing picture-in-picture technology. The A-VS7N13PIN monitor has inputs for DVD player and earphone jack. The monitor also has built in loudspeakers and a power supply terminal.
For use with wired CabCAM systems, Color LCD screen, Embedded control box for direct power input for cameras, AV1, AV2, and AV3 video inputs allow three camera capability, DVD input, earphone jack, loudspeaker, and power supply terminal, Support attaching slot, image mirroring function, and auto back-light switch Dim G (7)Power indicator, remote control receiving window, POWER, MENU, Brightness, Channel, & AV SHIFT buttons
Cab Cam QM7127RCab Cam QM7127R
The quad monitor is capable of viewing 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras at one time utilizing picture-in-picture technology. Each camera can be controlled independently allowing control over contrast, hue, mirror & upside down functions. The quad monitor also has an embedded control box for direct power input for cameras. For use with wired Quad CabCAM systems, Color LCD screen, Embedded control box for direct power input for cameras, AV1, AV2, AV3 & AV4 video inputs allow four camera capability, DVD input, RCA jacks for video & audio output, loudspeaker, Power indicator, remote receiving window, POWER, MENU, Vol;ume, Channel & AV Shift buttons

Cab Cam Wired Cameras
Cab Cam VS1C110Cab Cam VS1C110
The VS1C110 wired camera is a waterproof, color CCD camera with audio. The VS1C110 has 110 degrees of viewing angle and 28 infrared illuminators for night vision up to 32 feet. The VS1C110 also has day/night sensors for automatic light adjustment. The VS1C110 also has mirroring capability and able to withstand off-road conditions. • Waterproof, CCD Color with Audio, 28 Infared Illuminators Allow up to 32 feet of Visibility in the dark, Image Mirroring Function, Withstands Off-Road Conditions

Cab Cam SVC402Cab Cam SVC402
For use with wired CabCAM systems, Contoured housing designed for side mounting, unlimited mounting possibilities, Infrared illuminators allow upto 16' of night visibility, Weatherproof and constructed to withstand off-road conditions, Easy external angle adjustment, no disassembly required, No Audio, 200 mA Max Power Consumption
Cab Cam ASC635MCab Cam ASC635M
Auto Shutter Color Camera works well in areas requiring extra protection. The auto shutter camera remains closed when not in use to keep the lens free from debris. Built to withstand off-road conditions this camera is also weatherproof. The auto shutter camera has 12 infrared illuminators allowing over 30 feet of night visibility. The cameras auto heating abilities activate when temperatures reach below 50 degree. The auto shutter camera comes with 10? DC adapter wire. For use with wired CabCAM systems, Shutter is closed when not in use to keep free from debris, Weatherproof and constructed to withstand off-road conditions, 12 Infrared illuminators allow up to 32' of night visibility, Image mirroring function, Camera must be powered by a constant secondary 12V source due to power consumption required by the shutter function, 10' DC adapter wire included, 450 mA Max Power Consumption

Cab Cam LPC634Cab Cam LPC634
License Plate Camera is a durable weather proof camera. The A-LPC634 camera is a ?? color CCD camera with super wide 180 degrees viewing angle. The A-LPC634 camera also comes with 4 infrared illuminators for night vision assistance. The camera is compatible with other wired CabCAM video systems. The camera is easy to install with its slotted mounting holes that adjust from 6-5/8? to 7-1/4?. The camera has a max power consumption of 180mA. For use with wired CabCAM systems, Infrared illuminators allow up to 9' of night visibility, Super wide angle (180 degrees), Waterproof construction, Easy to install, Slotted mounting holes adjust from 6 5/8" - 7 1/4", 180 mA Max Power Consumption, 36" cord from camera to connector end.
Cab Cam CAM87Cab Cam CAM87
Camera can be used with any of the CabCAM? Camera Observation Systems but it has been specifically designed for the A-CC7M2QC quad camera system. The A-CAM87 has 110 degrees of viewing angle with 18 infrared illuminators providing over 15 feet of night visibility. The camera comes with built-in image mirroring and audio capabilities. For Use w/ Quad CabCAM or Other Wired Systems. 110? w/ 18 LED Infrared Lights Allow Up To 16' Of Night Visibilty. Image Mirroring Function. Weatherproof and Constructed to Withstand Off-Road Conditions. Audio Capabilities. 300 mA Max Power Consumption, Specifically Tailored For Quad System CC7M2CQ, Power cables ordered separately
Cab Cam Wired Accessories & Expansion KitsCab Cam Wired Accessories & Expansion Kits
AD35 - 3.5 Amp AC Adapter
BRK7M - 7" Monitor Bracket Kit
CCSK4 - Sensor Kit
DCW1 - DC Adapter Wire
HNS13P - 13 pin Wire Harness
HNS22P - 22 pin Wire Harness
PVAKIT - Power/Video Kit
PVC20 - Power Video Cable 20'
PVC65 - Power Video Cable 65'
PVC200 - Power Video Cable 200'
TCK523 - Trailer Cable Kit

Cab Cam Wireless Monitors

Cab Cam WL56M2CCab Cam WL56M2C
The monitor includes: power indicator, remote receiving window, POWER button, MENU button, SEL butto n, channel selection, loudspeaker, support attaching slot and power supply terminal. (2) 1/3" CCD Weatherproof Color Camera: One Channel 3 and one Channel 4 camera. Infrared Illuminat ors allow up to 32 feet of night visibility, image mirroring function, made to withstand off-road conditions, audio capabilities.Each camera has an antenna and a power supply jack. Cameras require 12V power source.
Accessories: Base-Mounted Remote Antenna with 9.75' cord, Ball Swivel Mounting Bracket with Mountin g Pad, U-Support Mounting Bracket with Thumb Screws, 6 Pin Power Wire Harness with Jack for AC/Cigar ette Lighter/DC Adaptor, AC Power Adaptor,

Cab Cam CWM56Cab Cam CWM56
High Resolution color monitor for CabCAM Wireless Systems. For use with WIRELESS CabCAM systems, High resolution color LCD monitor with antenna, 2.4GHz wireless receiver with four channels and four camera capability Dim D (4)Supports 12V automotive battery, Support attaching slot, power supply terminal, and loudspeaker, Power indicator, remote control receiving window, POWER, MENU, Brightness, & Channel buttons
Cab Cam Wireless Cameras

Cab Cam (WCCH1) (WCCH2) (WCCH3) (WCCH4)Cab Cam (WCCH1) (WCCH2) (WCCH3) (WCCH4)
Weatherproof wireless camera for WIRELESS CabCAM systems, For use with WIRELESS CabCAM systems, Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3 and Channel 4 cameras with 4 channel systems, Infrared illuminators allow up to 32' of night visibility, Power supply jack Dim E (5)3' DC adapter wire included , Weatherproof and constructed to withstand off-road conditions, Audio capabilities, Frequency is 2414 MHZ, 400 mA Max Power Consumption
WCCH1- Channel 1
WCCH2 - Channel 2
WCCH3 - Channel 3
WCCH4 - Channel 4
Cab Cam (SCW401L1) (SCW401R2)Cab Cam (SCW401L1) (SCW401R2)
For use with WiRELESS CabCAM systems, Contoured housing designed for side mounting, unlimited mounting possibilities, Channel 1 & Channel 2 cameras for 4 channel systems, Infrared illuminators allow up to 16' of night visibility, Weatherproof and constructed to withstand off-road conditions, Day/night sensor for auto adjustment, Adjustable lens angle (housing disassembly required), 3' DC adaptor wire included, No audio
Waterproof W/ Weather Resistant Housing, 5 Infrared Illuminators for A Distance 16', Channel 2 used for right hand signal priority.

Cab Cam Wireless Accessories & Expansion Kits
Cab Cam Wireless Accessories & Expansion Kits
ANT53 - Wireless Antenna
AEC16 - Wireless Antenna Ext. Cord
AD520 - Voltage Reducer Adapter
BRK56M - 5.6" Monitor Bracket
DCW1 - DC Adapter Wire
HNS115 - 6 Pin Wire Harness
PVAKIT - Power/Video Kit
WA3 - Standard Wireless Antenna

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A&I Products
A & I make visibility at night even more easier with their HID lights. From long beam to a short and wide beam HID lights makes night time work easier. The picutre to the left shows A & I HID lights to the top and OEM lights on the bottom.

Beaconflasher A&I Offers Aftermarket Flasher, Beacons & other Safety lights to help other people see you on the road and to alert them of a slow moving vehicle. The Flashers can be magnetic & battery powered to make it easy to switch implements, trailers or other items where you want extra visibility

A&I Products
A&I Shop Towels A-ST200 Each Bucket Contains 200 (9.9" X 13.1") Dry Towels. 1 Ply Disposable Towels, Absorbs Fluid On Contact, 400% More Absorbent Than Rental Towels, Cost Less To Use Than Rental Towel, Fiber Blended With No Thread Gap, No Bleed, Colorfast Material, Towel Refills Available Sale Price $18.34 each Save Money when you order them online. Click Here to Order

View Some for the A&I Products Installed on Equipment Below
A&I Products A&I Products A&I Products